World leader in the production of complete pneumatic equipment and systems for fluid feeding and management.

The result of constant work and the efforts made to achieve increasingly valid and effective solutions, are expressed in a range of products with unique characteristics, technically advanced.

These products are the result of attention and active exploration to the needs of the market.

They attest to extreme care for quality and are, with pride, a test of passion for innovation.


Airmation aspires to a better understanding of specialized industrial scenarios and changing needs.

Our essence is the constant research for the improvement and optimization of application processes in which fluids are involved.


Airmation products are designed and built with cutting edge methods and technologies.

The quality of our products is immediately perceivable, it instantly catches the eye, but becomes particularly evident in the long run, with prolonged use.

Up-to-date machine tools carry out specialised work, with allowances of a thousandth of a millimetre and a high degree of finishing.

The choice and contribution of the developed systems employed during production play an important role, but are merely the result of a quality-oriented frame of mind.


The numerous and different elements which condition the end quality are, throughout the life cycle of our systems, subject to constant analyses and checks.

More specifically, in conformity with the ISO2859 norms, checks are carried out on a random sampling basis on the materials and elements employed.

The checking methodology and the choice of high level suppliers contribute significantly to the quality of Airmation products.

Furthermore, numerous techniques are applied within the programmes in order to constantly improve the quality and reliability of the systems.


Airmation products are sold and serviced the world over.

The organizational structure provides a highly specialised service in order to make our products known, used to their best advantage and serviced.

A Airmation product is important for what it is in itself, but particularly for its purposes and for the way it is serviced.

A Airmation product is important for what it is in itself, but particularly for its purposes and for the way it is serviced.


The checking and organisation of maintenance and customer service facilities aim at constantly improving the performances of Airmation systems.

    Our assistance and maintenance service SAIT ( acronimous for the service of technical support) operates worldwide with qualified technicians and offers innovative services:
  • operative assembling and relative testing of products and complete plants to be supplied
  • visits by area specialists for technical advice, products identification, engineering
  • periodical and precautional maintenance programmes for plants and machines
  • periodical “Just in Time” revisions with immediate supply of identical or implemented machinery thus avoiding lead times and machine down times.
  • targeted, on the spot technical assistance with interventions that can be programmed and carried out within 24 hours.
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