Pneumatic motor pumps

pump modelratiomax pressure [bar]range
621/734 IC-D4:1248,4
2014/933 IC-D4:12427
2018/913 IC-D3:11845,6
2008/913 IC-D5:13045,6
2012/933 IC-D6:13627
621/259 IC-D8:1484,9
319/734 IC-D8:1489,6
2018/789 IC-DS8:14816,2
2010/913 IC-D8:14845,6
2010/918 IC-D8:14845,6
2016/933 IC-D10:16027
2006/789 IC-DS12:17216,2
319/259 IC-D14:1845,4
2010/789 IC-DS20:112016,2
962/789 IC-DS32:11927,3
2201/789 IC-DS32:119216,2
pump modelratio

max pressure [bar]

319/495 IC-D8:1249,6
621/495 IC-D4:1248,4
621/498 IC-D4:1248,4
412/482 IC-D2:11227
Filters selection G1″ – G 1 – 1/2″
Pneumatic elevator 21072
elevation stroke 1100 mm –
trigger height +/- 250 mm
bores DN 3/4″ (20mm) ÷ DN 12″ (300mm):
Airmation pneumatic motors use compressed air energy only to transform it into mechanical work, thus obtaining maximum performance and efficiency values.
Enclosed within their shell is a gem in terms of technique and engineering – the outcome of sophisticated technologies in the miniaturized pneumatic and precision mechanic fields, resulting from VOGT-Airmation’s proven designing and development skills.
Balanced modular double stage operation, longitudinal distributor with wholly pneumatic control device, AIRMATION miniaturized piloting system are among the characteristics which make Airmation pneumatic motors reliable in all loading conditions and guarantee maximum precision of developed pressure ratios. Each pneumatic motor series is marked by specific working characteristics.
Thanks to the development of the VOGT “APS” system (Adaptive Piloting System), different solutions can be adopted for pneumatic propulsion. This optimises, as a consequence, the result in specific use conditions. Strict functional tests and accurate assembly with in-line self-controlling phases are carried out on all mass-production.
Over 160.000 VOGT pneumatic motor pumps, currently operating on the market worldwide, are an indication of the great technological effort and of the quality achieved.

pneumatic motor pumps ratios 1:1 ÷ 100:1 – capacities 0,2 ÷ 80 It/min:
Wiring motors with Airmation pumping sections converts pneumatic power into “hydraulic power” and generates a complete range of pneumatic motor pumps able to transfer liquid/dense products. Constructed entirely in stainless steel (AISI 304, 316, 321, series 400 – and Hastelloy), with highly specialised machines and working methods, VOGT pumps highlight first-class structural characteristics and perfection down to the slightest detail.
The new generation, enriched by technological advances such as: aerospace-deriving materials highly resistant to wear, with increased elasticity and adherence to sliding surfaces – self-balancing calibrated obturators – coaxial guide terminals for a perfect hold, guarantee total reliability and high-quality performance, making maintenance and access easier.
“Airmation Integrated Components”, specifically designed for completing all work programmes, optimize performances and make operations more rational, thus increasing productivity.
Numerous factors are to be borne in mind when choosing the most suitable equipment: capacity – pressure ratios – viscosity and physical/chemical product characteristics – specific type of application