via Dei Chiosi, 18
20873 Cavenago Brianza (MB)

tel +39 039 2142293 fax +39 039 884357

    The checking and organisation of maintenance and customer service facilities aim at constantly improving the performances of Airmation systems.
    Our assistance and maintenance service SAIT ( acronimous for the service of technical support) operates worldwide with qualified technicians and offers innovative services:
    • operative assembling and relative testing of products and complete plants to be supplied
    • visits by area specialists for technical advice, products identification, engineering
    • periodical and precautional maintenance programmes for plants and machines
    • periodical “Just in Time” revisions with immediate supply of identical or implemented machinery thus avoiding lead times and machine down times.
    • targeted, on the spot technical assistance with interventions that can be programmed and carried out within 24 hours.