Low Pressure series – High Performance

(for paints, release agents and technical coatings)

The Airmation equipment is designed for industrial applications of fluid supply, to obtain high performances in low pressure atomization systems, using from low to very high viscosity coatings.

Precision adjustment and reproducibility of the working settings are the major characteristics of the equipment. Precise pressure regulation (from 0,1 to 6/10 bar) and stability, guarantee optimal results in super finishing operations and controlled applications, where a pre-set product flow must be maintained constant and uniform. All stainless steel contact parts guarantee absolute compatibility with both solvent based and water based materials.
It is used as pumping system for automatic spraying guns (multipurpose, medium pressure or low pressure model operations) on manipulators, robots, automatic machines, as well as for manual operations.

The pressure regulator, integrated with the antipulsation filter, is the “heart” module in maintaining a predetermined and constant working pressure. The module is complete with a diaphragm pressure transmitter that separates the measuring visual device (burdon gauge) from the fluid product. This device permits to maintain a precise pressure reading for long time, protecting the instrument from plasticization or crystallization of special coatings.

Applications for first class results, in:
– Mold release agent spraying
– Pigmented mold release agent
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Automotive industry
– Woodworking industries
– Coating of plastic parts and components

Equipments normally include:

– Pneumatic motor pump (stainless steel construction)
– Compressed air controls
– Operative support
– Separator suction filter (stainless steel construction)
– Pressure regulator with integrated antipulsation filter (stainless steel construction)
– Pressure gauge with integrated diaphragm transmitter (stainless steel construction)


A) 621/734 IC-D Pneumatic motor pump
B) 193100 Depurator filter – suction phase
C) 462-228600 ES13 Filtering selector – pressure regulator
D) SK370-30 Suction KIT (tank 30lt)
E) 710-2 Supporting column
F) 828-1 Trolley with brackets (tank hold)
G) PTS30-5 Tank 30 lt
H) AF-2 Opt. mixer
I) 828-2 Trolley