Complete Airmation equipments are envisaged in all production sectors for industrial transfer, distribution and extrusion applications of fluid/dense products.

The technical and conceptual solutions adopted are unique as far as performance, product handling, reliability and safety are concerned.

They all contribute in rationalising working operations, and in increasing the quality and productivity of industrial processes.

Airmation equipments are conceived after a modular design, envisage different “module” combinations and allow for maximum versatility with rapport to specific needs and use conditions.

The specific equipments are completed and fitted out according to the V.O.C.E. System ( Operative Complete Equipment).
The systems are created to function the minute they arrive at destination – they merely need to be positioned and connected to the compressed air network.

Distribution and atomization
For air-less or air-mix application of medium viscosity products: anti-adhesives, water/solvent based release agents, paints, solvents, tnning solutions, lacquers, bonding and deterging agents. Differentiated equipments according to the Airmation “Ecologic System CDB”: optimum consumption management, respect for and preservation of the environment. Specific components production with multistage filtering, puryfing/anti-pulseur filters, pressure regulating selectors, flow regulators. Static/mobile equipmentsfor mono/multi use through the employment of centralized distribution units. Rapid wiring modular plant engineering elements for simplified preparation of distribution lines. Complete and integrated management of all atomization parameters. Final use with employment of automatic and manual valves – distribution collectors (ratios 4:1 ÷ 100:1 – capacities 8 ÷ 30 lt/min)
For the feeding of high viscosity product, sealers, adhesives, silicones, mastics, heavy lubrificant, thickening agents, sound-deadners, protective coating. Product handling is carried out through a RAM support structure with pneumatic system managing the ascent/descent phase of the extrusion pump. Pneumatic switchboard piloting. Efficacy through calibrated thrust following plates and completion of priming phase for direct suction from 20 ÷ 1000 lt containers. (Ratios 5:1 ÷ 60:1 – Capacities 2 ÷ 16 lt/min)
Transfer – extrusion
For the feeding and compared filtering of medium-high viscosity products: water/solvent based polyurethanes, technical resins, plastisols, coating/resin treatment, coagulation and textile finish. Specific equipment with Airmation pneumatic elevators for direct product suctions from 200 ÷ 600 lt containers. Pneumatic piloting of ascendent/descendent phases for immersion of the system. Calibrated stroke with positioning at 360° Standard interface connection to Airmations pumps (Ratios 3:1 ÷ 20:1 – capacities 15 ÷ 60 It min)
for the feeding and compared filtering of medium-low viscosity products: colouring pastes; pigments; reactants; bonding agents; solvents; sizes; paints; inks; lubricants. State-of-the-art systems with specific “VOGT Ecologic System” components for high operating performances of AMR phases: (Alimentazione – Mandata – Recupero). VOGT “on-line” multi-stage filtering system (filtering with microstretched LM 40 ÷ 200 mesh) – pneumatic inverters for product recovery from delivery lines; volumetric meters; built-in kits and components for anchorage, suction and operatingconnection phases. (Ratios 2:1 ÷ 10:1 – capacities 15 ÷ 80 It min)