Modular type automatic spray guns PD/PAD series

Short- distance painting

With specific structure of the nozzle tip, PD and PAD are applicable to short-distance painting, which enable high atomization and low spattering performance with a small paint spraying volume and small air consumption, and provide high-quality coating film.

Remote operation

Atomization air and pattern air are supplied via separate circuits.
This structure enables remote operation of individual circuits.

Maintenance efficiency improvement

he spray gun is divided into three sections: – cap base – gun body – cylinder body This structure simplifies parts replacement, and enables the body (paint circuit) to be washed after immersed in solvent, resulting in maintenance efficiency improvement.
Disassembling work is easy, without necessity of a special tool.

Change to stainless steel circuit for liquid contact area

A stainless steel circuit can be used for the liquid contact area by changing the body.


Since the cap base and the body are applicable to both PD and PAD, PD can be changed to PAD by replacing a set of the cylinder body.

Built-in atomization air valve with remarkably lighter weight and smaller body (PAD-P)

The operation circuit has been simplified, resulting in higher operability.
PAD-P provides 40% lighter weught and 24% smaller size than our conventional model (PA), and

Compatibility with circulation type

When the plug and plug packing are removed from the aperture of the circulation circuit, these models can serve as the circulation type.

NOTE: for pneumatic control circuit please ask details for piloting.