Atomization guns

The Airmix (with the aid of air) and Airless (without air) atomization technologies of the new generation of VOGT “AIRMATION” manual and miniaturized automatic valves guarantee high operating efficiency in handling all types of fluids (product viscosity 1 ÷ 500.000 cps).

An accurate analysis of the aerodynamic forces acting on the surface of the fluid jet has given rise to a new line of airmix valves. The gaseous current produced by the innovative air circuit, in which the fluid jet is injected, guarantees excellent atomization performances even at a low supply pressure (1,5 ÷ 3 bar).

The new design produces detachment of micro drops by overcoming surface tension and fluid internal friction forces, and also guarantees an optimum handling of viscous products.

Of the same series is the extremely compact line with HVLP system (high volume, low pressure), used for a greater efficiency in transferring product particles.

The completely independent capacity control of the “primary” (detachment of micro drops) and “secondary” (with canalization and final imprint) atomization phases guarantee accurate calibration of atomization parameters.

When using the airless technology, the construction of contact parts entirely in AISI 304 (ball obturator in Hastelloy – Tungsten Carbide) and special seal elements guarantee absolute reliability during the working cycles (operating pressures 20 ÷500 bar).