Extension spray gun with orientable atomatization head

The head angle (fixed at 45° for model PA110-PX45) can be adjusted 360° by simply loosening the base nut.

Besides in head angle variable type (PA110-PXC), the head angle can be adjusted from 90° to -90° by loosening the bolt.



  • Head angle cannot be changed when the spray gun is in use, and shall be changed after cleaning the paint circuit with no fluids Due to its design and structure, please avoid changing the angle frequently.
  • When the spray gun is in use, please do not loosen the Air cap When changing direction of Air cap, Air cap itself shall be turned without loosening the Air cap nut.
  • Fluid viscosity shall be less than 30sec by using V-1 model viscosity cup. Fluids with high viscosity may result in less ejection amount.